[eBook]THE POWER OF TODA(Y)² : Get the most out of TODAY for better tomorrows

저 : Jae Park출판사 : 예미발행일 : 2018년 10월31일 | 종이책 발행일 : 2018년 10월31일

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This book talks about the amazing laws of life that the author, a successful businessman who runs one of the leading Korean companies in Canada, has learned from his failure and his career on his way to success. The author names it TODA(Y)2, or "The Power of Toda(y)2," after the initials of Time, Opportunity, Development, Assessment and Yield2. This book will be a new breakthrough for life's changing readers who are sometimes despairing because they are not confident of their vision or struggle to create a "specific moment" to realize the value that they think is most important in their lives.

목차 TOP

Preface―The story behind this book―My failure was a catalyst in my success!


In the Beginning―
The Disaster that Drove me to Succeed

It's Prime Time―
Preparing to get the most out of this book

The gift that keeps giving if you use it right

Your most precious commodity―How to get it 'on your side'

How to answer when it knocks

The best time-saving device you'll ever invest in

The most life-changing chapter in this book


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How are you positioned for achieving the things you most desire? If you keep living the same way you have been, do you think things are really going to change? Do you find yourself regretting wasted time and missed opportunities? You’re not alone! I used to feel that way too until I learned to harness the true power and potential of TODAY.
(/ p. 11)

Every athlete has the potential to be a winner. None of them will reach that potential without practicing the skills needed in their sport.
Athletes are a ‘prime example’ of people who know about the power of being prepared. They don’t go to a game without priming themselves mentally and physically with practice. All their practice and preparing themselves puts them in position for a greater potential of winning.
(/ p.42)

Opportunities that come our way are life taking a chance on us. Will we play along and take a chance on life by exploring the opportunities it presents?
Will we prove that we were worth the chance that was offered?
(/ p ...

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Jae Park [저]

Jae Park is the author of The Power of TODA(Y)2, and the founder of Five Two Nation. When he isn't creating and developing new books and business ideas, working on a prototype for an invention, or finding ways to give someone an opportunity, he can be found having fun with his lovely wife and four active kids. Jae is a leader in business and his ch...
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