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BTS Art Revolution : BTS 예술혁명 영문판


2013년 9월 9일 이후 누적수치입니다.

판매지수 830
사이트의 판매량에 기반하여 판매량 추이를 반영한 인터파크 도서에서의 독립적인 판매 지수입니다. 현재 가장 잘 팔리는 상품에 가중치를 두었기 때문에 실제 누적 판매량과는 다소 차이가 있을 수 있습니다. 판매량 외에도 다양한 가중치로 구성되어 최근의 이슈도서 확인시 유용할 수 있습니다. 해당 지수는 매일 갱신됩니다.
  • 저 : 이지영
  • 출판사 : 파레시아
  • 발행 : 2019년 05월 01일
  • 쪽수 : 196
  • 제품구성 : 전1권
  • ISBN : 9791196356927


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    Recently, a seven-member boy band from Korea called BTS has captivated the globe, forming the most massive and powerful fandom in history. The BTS phenomenon reaches far beyond the typical achievements of pop stars: as Jiyoung Lee illustrates, the changes that have been shown by BTS and their fandom ARMY are not confined to the music industry, but symptomatically shows significant sociocultural changes and revolutionary mutations in art, as well as a Zeitgeist or the political unconscious of the present age.

    Lee argues that BTS has made fissures in the oppressive hierarchical structure of existing society and analyzes the socio-critical implications of BTS’ lyrics as a kind of patricide on a social level. Their tendency toward horizontality is not limited to their message, but further inspires fans’ grassroots movements to bring about diverse sociocultural changes. Examining the relation between BTS and their fandom as well as BTS’ online-network-based art form through the concept of Gilles Deleuze, “Rhizome,” she further proposes novel concepts, “network-image” and “sharing value,” which are crucial to understanding the contemporary era’s art form based on the mobile network platform.

    출판사 서평

    “The author focuses on the fandom ARMY that supports BTS. Unlike existing idol groups that have maintained a vertical hierarchy in relation to fandom, BTS seeks horizontal communication with ARMY. She writes that “BTS and ARMY have gained their explosiveness through resonance in their mission to change the world, to lead the world in the direction of greater freedom and liberation.””- Yonhapnews

    “The author of BTS Art Revolution addresses the message relayed by the group, the way their message resonates across generations, and the group’s interactions with fans. She focuses on the unique relationship between BTS and their global fandom Army and the ways in which the group fuels individual fans to take on a more active role, as well as cultural changes the BTS fever may herald.” - The Korea Herald

    “The author argues that BTS has caused “the English-centrism that had long maintained the hierarchies between dominant cultures and others … to crack.” ”- The Korea Economic Daily

    “Author Lee Ji-young, an expert on the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze, analyzes the relationship between BTS and the fandom ARMY based on Deleuze’s concept of rhizome.” - Korea Joongang Daily

    “The author, whose research focuses on the film-philosophy of Deleuze, writes that BTS, “beyond being an idol group, can be a representation of radical, ongoing changes in society, media and art form.” Furthermore, she calls this the “BTS phenomenon” that serves as a “starting point of social change and a revolutionary becoming that will change society.” ”- The Hankyoreh

    “Upon publication of this book, the music of “idols” will no longer be something reserved for niche culture. It has already become one of the social phenomena that disrupt society and further a subject of philosophical and artistic research that seek to analyze the phenomenon.”- Kukminilbo

    “BTS, Art Revolution is an art-philosophy text in which the author has surpassed any existing level of journalistic analysis to put down words of expertise with serious commitment.”- The Munhwa Ilbo

    “:How have the music of BTS and the fervor of their fandom ARMY become a sociocultural phenomenon and an aesthetic political episode? Analyzing the revolution and new art being produced by BTS and ARMY through the philosophy and art theory of Gilles Deleuze and Walter Benjamin, this book presents an engaging answer to the question.”- The Segye Ilbo

    “More than anything, the book focuses on BTS’ online activity through which they communicate with ARMY. What distinguishes BTS’ social media communication from other idol groups’ is horizontal exchange and solidarity. BTS distances itself from the image of perfect stars. They communicate in the most intimate way, just as friends do. Fans, fascinated by their appearance as normal human beings, initiate various online and offline activities to spread their appreciation of BTS.” - The Chosun Ilbo

    “The author writes, “[The BTS phenomenon] is the starting point that weakens the authority and power of seemingly absolute and perpetual reality. As reality’s authority and power starts to be weakened, we can dream of a different life, a different world.” ”- The Kyunghyang Shinmun

    “If this is not something that changes the world, if this is not life-changing, what is?” - JoongAngIlbo

    “BTS is the hammer that breaks the frozen surface of the ocean of neoliberalism, and the vest that protects young people’s dreams from bullets of the world. The fandom “ARMY” is nothing but passive. They dismantle the old hierarchy where artists produce and fans consume.” - Jang Eunsu, book critic, Maeil Business Newspaper

    “The popularity and influence of the idol group BTS is often associated with the group’s flawless choreography or social media marketing, but the author explains that this phenomenon is based on a strategy that can be seen as a revolution.” - Money Today

    “BTS, Art Revolution has provided a new perspective on BTS.”- The Seoul Shinmun


    Preface to English Edition
    Introduction. BTS, their Revolutionary Implications and a New Form of Art
    BTS Sweeps the Globe
    Serendipity, the Encounter between BTS and ARMY
    BTS, a Revolution and a New Form of Art
    The BTS Phenomenon as a Seismograph
    Why I Write this Book

    Part 1. BTS Revolution

    Chapter 1. BTS Pulls the Trigger
    Sociocritical Message in BTS’ Songs
    Dream a Different Dream, Dance a Different Dance
    Forward with a Cheerful Ridicule!
    Patricide, the Dismantling of Established Rules and Norms
    Solidarity to the Universe beyond the Globe!

    Chapter 2. Deconstructing Social Hierarchy
    Horizontal Fantasy
    Success Achieved by the I-ARMY
    Creations of Fans – Online Content
    Disruption of Hierarchy Between Languages
    Change Begins Where the Established Orders are Incapacitated

    Chapter 3. Rhizomatic Revolution through Solidarity
    Rhizome: A Horizontal and Acentered System
    Principle of Connection
    Principle of Heterogeneity and Multiplicity
    Principle of Asignifying Rupture
    Principle of Cartography
    Multiplicity of BTS-ARMY as War-Machine
    Revolutionary Praxis and the Cartography of Hope

    Part 2. Network-Image as New Art Form

    Chapter 1. Structural Features of BTS’ Videos
    General Features of the Music Video: Destruction of Narrative Continuity
    Open Structure of BTS’ Videos
    Repetition and Transformation of the Similar
    Symbolism of Images
    Online Installation Videos
    Cross-Reference and Spectator Participation
    Advent of the Network-Image

    Chapter 2. The Network-Image and Sharing Value
    Characteristics of the Network-Image
    Technological Development and Transformation of Art
    Sharing, Participation, Openness on Mobile Network Platform
    Actual mobility of the Spectator and Sharing Value
    Precursors to the New Form of Art
    New Form of Art, Democratization, and Hope

    Appendix. Beyond the Time-Image of Gilles Deleuze: the Network-Image
    Advent of a New Form of Art
    The Total System of Cinema
    Deleuze’s Attitude Toward the Electronic Image
    Advent of the Network-Image
    Role of the New Art: Sharing Value
    Beyond the Time-Image: the Third Image
    Transforming or Overcoming Deleuzian Film-Philosophy with Spectatorship




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