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Satellite Communications


2013년 9월 9일 이후 누적수치입니다.

  • 출판사 : McGraw-Hill
  • 발행 : 2021년 01월 01일
  • 쪽수 : 0
  • ISBN : 9780071462983


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출판사 서평

BEST CHOICE FOR COMPLETE, CURRENT COVERAGEClassic guide to satellite communications fundamentals Highly regarded for more than a decade as both teaching text and professional reference/tutorial, Satellite Communications has been revised, updated, and expanded to include the hottest applications in a rapidly growing field. Always the most complete and accessible entry point to this dynamic area of engineering, Satellite Communications spotlights practical issues that interest professionals and students alike. The author delivers worked examples that clearly illustrate best methods, and uses a writing style that makes both basics and finer technical points easy to absorb, whether you're in a class or tutoring yourself. Features: *Authoritative, complete, and readable coverage, from an overview of the field to basic Keplerian theory, launch methods, and practical details of applications *Full descriptions of hardware, including satellite structures, antennas, earth stations, and onboard systems *Cutting-edge applications such as wireless Internet, telephony, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and worldwide broadcasts of digital TV *New information on ATM, TCP/IP, and LEO networking over satellites, mobile systems, and onboard switching *Details on methods, orbits, links, access, signals, modulation, and interference *All examples and problems worked in MathCad, with mathematical complexities pared to a minimum For total understanding of satellite communications fundamentals—without a slog through dense mathematical abstractions—Dennis Roddy's book is the one to choose. It's a keeper that you'll turn to for answers throughout your career. NEW IN THIS EDITION Expanded coverage of CDMA Internet via satellite chapter Digital TV broadcasting chapter Expanded section on geostationary orbits Error correction coding Preview of coming applications and growth Online Reader Reviews: *****봆reat Reference!! Roddy has written the definitive reference on satellite communications.? *****볾 True Classic Text of Its Topic Roddy writes in an easy-to-follow style and includes many examples and exercises ?Get this book if you need enlightenment on the fundamentals of satellite communications.? * On the Second Edition


Overview of Satellite Systems
Orbits and Launching Methods
The Geostationary Orbit
Radio Wave Propagation
The Space Segment
The Earth Segment
Analog Signals
Digital Signals
Error Control Coding
The Space Link
Satellite Access
Satellites in Networks
Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) Television
Satellite Mobile and Specialized Services
Answers to Selected Problems
Conic Sections
Nasa Two-Line Orbital Elements
Listings of Artificial Satellites
Illustrating Third-Order Intermodulation Products
Logarithmic Units Index
Table of Contents provided by Publisher. All Rights Reserved.


In-depth, textbook-style coverage combined with an intuitive, low-math approach makes this book particularly appealing to the wireless and networking markets New to this edition: Global wireless services, including 3G; Antenna Options; Error Coding

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    반품/교환 방법

    ‘마이페이지 > 취소/반품/교환/환불’ 에서 신청 또는 1:1 문의 게시판 및 고객센터(1577-2555)에서 신청 가능

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    상품이나 서비스 자체의 하자로 인한 교환/반품은 반송료 판매자 부담

    반품/교환 불가 사유

    ·소비자의 책임 있는 사유로 상품 등이 손실 또는 훼손된 경우
    (단지 확인을 위한 포장 훼손은 제외)

    ·소비자의 사용, 포장 개봉에 의해 상품 등의 가치가 현저히 감소한 경우
    예) 화장품, 식품, 가전제품(악세서리 포함) 등

    ·복제가 가능한 상품 등의 포장을 훼손한 경우
    예) 음반/DVD/비디오, 소프트웨어, 만화책, 잡지, 영상 화보집

    ·시간의 경과에 의해 재판매가 곤란한 정도로 가치가 현저히 감소한 경우

    ·전자상거래 등에서의 소비자보호에 관한 법률이 정하는 소비자 청약철회 제한 내용에 해당되는 경우

    상품 품절

    공급사(출판사) 재고 사정에 의해 품절/지연될 수 있음

    소비자 피해보상
    환불지연에 따른 배상

    ·상품의 불량에 의한 교환, A/S, 환불, 품질보증 및 피해보상 등에 관한 사항은 소비자분쟁해결 기준 (공정거래위원회 고시)에 준하여 처리됨

    ·대금 환불 및 환불지연에 따른 배상금 지급 조건, 절차 등은 전자상거래 등에서의 소비자 보호에 관한 법률에 따라 처리함

    (주) 인터파크커머스 안전결제시스템 (에스크로) 안내

    (주)인터파크커머스의 모든 상품은 판매자 및 결제 수단의 구분없이 회원님들의 구매안전을 위해 안전결제 시스템을 도입하여 서비스하고 있습니다.
    결제대금 예치업 등록 : 02-006-00064 서비스 가입사실 확인


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